Reasons for joining us:

Do you know where the names of some of the days of the week like Donnerstag or Freitag come from? Why the name of the Parliament is the Bundestag?

The times of myths and legends and heroes go back to the beginning.

Learning a language is also a new beginning and Nibelungen Sprachschule accompanies you on this journey.

We are a team of teachers and linguistic experts. Our experience in working with groups in different countries has enabled us to develop a variety of skills needed when working with people around the globe.

We are not there only to teach you. We are your support, your help and assistance.


Forget the classical type of classroom and ex-cathedra teaching!

Our methods are based on developing all five skills from the European reference frame for foreign languages together with sounds, mimic, gesture, culture and traditions, cuisine, sociology, mythology and legends. Therefore, starting with the first lesson you will be elaborating projects with you colleagues. This is how you will start your way to become independent in the world of a new language and a new society.

Group size of intensive courses is adapted to development of the needed skills and maximum of participant is 11 (see Terms and Conditions).

During the language project, you will be a part of the team but sometimes you will be the team leader.

Accomplishing the courses you will be ready to take the exam for the Certificate in foreign language.

Following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages the 6 main levels are divided each into 2 sub-levels: A1.1. A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2, C1.1, C1.2, C2.1, C2.2

INTENSIVE COURSES take place from Monday to Thursday, 4x45 minutes, 4 weeks long (64 units).

GRAMMAR COURSES take place only on Fridays, 4x45 minutes, 4 weeks long (16 units).

PHONETICS AND DICTATION COURSES are designed for participants who want to develop their written skills followed by the correct orthography. These courses take place only on Fridays, 4x45 minutes, 4 weeks long (16 units).

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS are organized after the participant’s personal timeline.

B2B courses are designed in cooperation with COMPANIES and their needs, the structure of their employees participating in language courses and the level of German language knowledge of the participants.



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